We are the future of strong entrepreneurship in Europe.

Today many people are on the move. Migration represents two big challenges in Europe - unemployment and integration. However, it is also an opportunity. 

Migrants and refugees are resilient, brave and more inclined to start new businesses. 

It can be anything from a falafel shop to a tech startup, like Google. Each of them contributes to shaping a new Europe, creating new jobs and adding diversity. Yet, migrants and refugees face obstacles just like every entrepreneur. 

How can social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, and startup communities realize the positive potential in migration?  How can public sector use entrepreneurship as a policy for better integration? 

To answer these questions (and so many more!), Maria and Nicolai set out in January 2018 on a journey to write a book. Eleven months later they have visited 20 countries and interviewed over 250 people to map the innovation output of migration in Europe and the Middle East. 

Purchase our book to read about what we found. 

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Deutsche Welle

Helping refugees turn their experiences into business ideas

Several years ago the numbers of refugees who came to Europe skyrocketed. It marked a turning point in politics across the European continent and gave a boost to right-wing parties who vowed to clamp down on asylum-seekers and other migrants. In Norway, a group is helping refugees bring their skills into the labor market and turn their experiences into innovative business ideas...



Bok blir til nettsamfunn for flyktninger og migranter som vil bli gründere: Vil vise deres styrke

Når hele samfunnet rundt deg fokuserer veldig mye på hva du mangler, og ikke hva du kan bidra med, så begynner du å se deg selv på samme måte,» sier gründer Maria Amelie i Startup Migrants....

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Startups Without Borders

Oslo-based entrepreneur Olivier Mukuta was awarded the the Nordic Startup Awards last October 30th, in the Brave Founder Beginnings category, the first of its kind in the Scandinavian startup event, co-organized by Startup Migrants.

Mukuta is the founder of VipiCash, an app....

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